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Welcome to AMAST, Marketplace for the Construction and Real Estate Management world

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As we are launching our new site, we are thrilled to share our vision, features and upcoming rollouts.AMAST is a place for buyers to meet vendors.You might be a contractor or a management company looking for a great supplier in your area. You might be a lumber house or vendor, looking to expose your business to new clients and opportunities.

As a team, we have 20 years of experience in real estate construction and building management. (We aren’t just some techies.). We knew that something was missing in this industry, which is why we built AMAST.

Here are just SOME of the benefits we are working on providing for you: Find the best price, service and relationships. Support and encourage personal relationships between the suppliers and buyers. This is not a race to the bottom, but a place to communicate and make your choices based on rating, payment terms and price. Want to get rid of material you are stuck with or that is leftover? AMAST is the place! AMAST-PAY is our revolutionary payment system, providing payments within hours to suppliers, while giving COD prices to buyers. We are your community. On AMAST you will find links to news about construction, new materials and practices, podcasts, articles and a posting board where you can post or find new employees, second-hand equipment and any other needs. We are FROM your industry, FOR the industry.

We can’t wait to serve you, as we all are building a hub for our Community of Contractors and Suppliers

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