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ATR Tile Leveling System DIY OFFSET Kit

OFFSET DIY ATR Tile Leveling System Kit – Alignment System Tiling made easy with the ATR Tile Leveling System Kit Floors and Walls In stock – Ship Same Day Tile Leveling Kit Includes: 100 T-Shape 100 Edge Spacers 50 (Re-Usable) Pre-Assemble Spindle, 10mm socket (1 per customer) (compare at $196.00 other leveling system) For use with brick pattern, subway layout, herringbone, etc. 190 sq ft coverage area Grout spacer 3/32″ (2mm) – Tile thickness (1/4 – 3/4) (6mm-20mm) 15/64 – 51/64 You only need 1 cross spacing plate for 4 tiles NOT 4 Clips like every other Leveling System While every other system require 376 units for 100 pieces of tile ATR require only 117 Very easy to learn and use at any skill level Advantages of the ATR Tile Leveling System Kit No Tools (GUN) needed! No need for expensive hand tools. Simple and quick to lay with only 2 elements: Spacer & Spindle. The only system that removed without the use of a force Only System that leave clean grout line (no risk of spacers not break all the way) Cross Spacers (+) Shape allow for 2/3 of saving Creates a lippage free surface Keeps tiles in place while drying All-in-one grout spacing and tile alignment system Stress free installation Professional finishes every time Very simple and easy to use Saves time Suitable for floors and walls Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses Re-usable spindle Australian design and Australian made Example of the difference between the ATR Tile Leveling System to other leveling systems 100 pieces of tile project ATR use total of 117 spacers with approximately cost of $29.99 compare to any other leveling system 376 spacers with cost of $44.00 About 33% saving in money of spacers and over 66% time saving in Labor of saving on installing additional 259 pieces How to use 3 Easy steps 1. Spread thinset install tile 2. Screw spindle into spacing plate, Slide spindle with spacing plate attached in between two tiles. 3. Tighten spindle clock wise firmly until all four corners are aligned flush. * Remove Re-usable spindle once tile adhesive is dry. ATR Spacing Plate Calculator Click Here to watch ATR Videos ATR Leveling System Comparison Chart ATR Leveling System Questions and Answers  

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