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AWP-158 Wet Polisher

AWP 158 Wet Polisher The new generation of electric wet polishers, the AWP-158, is designed for polishing, shaping, core drilling and light grinding. This 7.8 amp, 800-watt, 3,000 RPM machine is a powerful workhorse suitable for use in the shop or on the job site. Designed to perform polishing and several other operations, the AWP-158 is suitable for use with the Alpha DS Style Shaping Wheel, the Alpha Profiler and Alpha Core Bits, as well as, the entire line of Ceramic polishing pads. This is a must-have tool for all fabricators/installers of granite, marble, engineered stone and porcelain slab and all tile contractors Equipment Included: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Water Valve and Hose Faucet/Garden Hose Adapter Wrenches C-Handle Side Handle (reversible) Extra Carbon Brush Set Caster Assembly for more info Click Here

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