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Blanke Aqua Shield roll 323 sq

Blanke AQUA SHIELD Roll of 323 sq feet 3′ 3″ x 98’5″ Blanke AQUA SHIELD is a waterproofing fabric that can be applied with thinset to most surfaces that are dry, flat and structurally sound. Tile can be installed directly on fabric without the cure time required for liquid applied products. Blanke AQUA SHIELD provides a vapor barrier that makes it ideal for steam rooms. The high tensile strength of the Blanke AQUA SHIELD ensures long lasting protection from moisture penetration in continuous wet areas such as shower stalls and bathrooms. In addition to waterproofing, the Blanke AQUA SHIELD’s engineered blend of fibers also provide exceptional resistance to mold build-up; break-down from strong chemicals; and UV destabilization. A wide range of convenient accessories is available such as Blanke AQUA FLEX for taping movement joints;  Blanke AQUA SA, a self-adhesive tape for quick and convenient taping of seams; and preformed corners. Application. Check substrate to ensure that it is dry, even and sound. Apply a setting adhesive suitable for the application to the wall or floor substrate with a 4 mm notched trowel. Apply the adhesive on an area approximately 3/8″ wider than the Aqua Shield fabric. Cut the fabric to the desired length and place on the substrate in the same manner as when hanging wall paper and smooth out with a wall paper brush (tampico brush). Use a wide flat trowel to carefully embed the fabric into the adhesive ensuring there are no air pockets. Allow at least a 1/4″ fabric overlap. The tiles can then be installed immediately onto the Aqua Shield in the normal manner. . Installation: 1. The surface must be clean, even and load bearing. The substrate must be sufficiently free of moisture. (Use a moisture meter if unsure of moisture content). 2. Porous surfaces like concrete may have to be coated with a suitable primer. 3. General Installation Procedures: All of the detail areas, such as around plumbing pipes, wall-to-floor transitions, wall-to-wall connections (including corners), around drains and movement joints if present, must be sealed up first using convenient Blanke AQUA SHIELD accessories (pipe surrounds, preformed corners, self-adhesive tapes, etc.) After this step is completed, the wall and floor surfaces need to be sealed up using the larger rolls. The ceramic tile can then be installed immediately. 4. Detailed Installation – Plumbing Pipes: Use a 1/4″ x 3/16″ V – notched trowel to apply the thinset to the substrate around the pipe. Press the Blanke AQUA SHIELD SP or LP around the pipe and against the wall with a trowel. Use the trowel to scrape off excess thinset. Use Blanke AQUA SEAL water proofing adhesive to seal the edges of Blanke AQUA SHIELD SP/LP to the area around the pipe or plumbing fixture.

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