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Bologna Metal Tile Antique Copper 1 x 4

Copper Antique Metal Tile 1 1/4 x 4 Murray River Metal Series This product is made with sheets of solid copper wrapped over a ceramic base. Through oxidization, all copper will patina over time giving it an old world look. Material: Metal Sheet Size: 11 1/4″ x 11 1/4″ Piece Size: 1 1/4″ x 4″ Thickness: 3/8″ Color: Antique Copper Finish: Antique Backing: Mesh Copper tiles are made from the solid copper – Overtime they will exhibit the natural oxidizing hues for which copper is famous. The possibilities are endless with Antique Copper Tiles! Another great design option available for wall trims backsplashes around countertops in kitchen and bath areas, or for any other design projects. Ceramic backing makes theses tiles sturdy enough for wall application and the mesh backing allows for easy handling when tiling around various surfaces. The individual squares are antique copper tiles, featuring a rich patina finish that brings warmth and luxury to any room. These look amazing whether used by themselves, or as accents to enhance any tile project. Installation Tips: Epoxy grouts and pre-mixed grouts are not recommended with copper or colored stainless steel because they can chemically damage the surface. The same reaction can also stain the grout. Keep this product more than six inches away from an open flame. Areas of concern would be steam rooms, fireplace surrounds, and back splashes behind cook tops. Copper tile is not suitable for exterior usage. Copper tile can be used for both wall and floor. Features: Color: Antique Copper 12″ x 12″ per sheet Each individual tile are with ceramic backing for easy installation and semi-capped around the edges to cover exposed ceramic backing for edges and for use as trims. Color of the tiles may vary slightly from the images shown and the specified sizes are nominal The individual tiles are mounted on a high-quality glass fiber net, which significantly reduces the installation efforts and time Maintenance   Clean with a damp soft cloth or soapy water and sponge if required. Acid or corrosive solutions are not recommended. The metal tile finishes may come loose during installation and when peeling the protective film. Few loose pieces are natural and can be stuck on again using super glue, hot glue or any other adhesives for metal. Each batch of the Copper Antique will vary depending on the weather or more the chemical reaction, during the antique process, of individual lots of sheet copper. Metal Tiles Specifications and Care

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