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Braavos Bathroom Vanity, Light Grey, 1 Unit

The Braavos Free standing bathroom vanity is one of a kind. This model comes with a durable pure white reinforced resin countertop and features a one door cabinet with a inside shelf and all metal hardware for a reliable and lasting product, one open shelf for storing linens and stuff resistance tho the bathrooms humidity, and a one hole sink. the cabinet with a depth of 17.70 Inches and standing at 33.5 Inches high will allow you plenty of space to connect the pipes and have plenty of storage space. This product is the perfect solution for narrow space bathrooms where the 17.7 In width comes as a key feature, by giving you an amazing top design product and still providing you with plenty of room in your bathroom. The Braavos Free Standing Bathroom Vanity is made in particle board with a Light Grey finish and DOESNT INCLUDE THE FAUCET.

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