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C-Cure Latex-Portland Cement NS Grout 10lb

C-Cure Latex-Portland Cement NS Grout 10 lb. (4.54 kg) containers. is a one-part, latex-Portland cement grout that provides the user the highest performance available in the industry, in an easy to use Just-add-water material. It resists bacteria, fungus and alkalies and does not shrink or dust. C-Cure 923 is available in 40 standard colors. Its unique blend of Portland cement, specially graded silica fillers, latex modifiers and colorfast pigments provides for a superior grout with excellent flexural and bond strengths, color control, minimal efflorescence and high compressive strength C-Cure 923 is specifically designed for tile installations that will be subjected to thermal shock. Click here for color selection C-Cure Non Sanded 923 may be used in installations that must conform to ANSI A118.6-H2.3 and H2.4 The product forms a long-lasting, flexible, water tight seal that will resist cracking on most building materials, including glass, wood, ceramic, metal and stone. CURECAULK is available in all of C-Cure’s grout colors. Click here for specification

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