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Carriage Assembly for Alpha AWS110 and AWS125

Carriage for Alpha AWS-110 and AWS-125 4″ Wet Circular Saw When used with the AWS-110 or AWS-125, the Carriage Assembly allows the stone cutter to traverse the guide rail and perform a cut that is straight and true, time after time. Additionally, the system was designed to allow for an easy transition from cutting to polishing without the need to re-position the rail. After cutting, remove the AWS Stone Cutter and Carriage Assembly and attach the Edge crafter and its Carriage Assembly. The Alpha Edge crafter with Carriage Assembly is designed to fit the Guide Rail System in the same manner as the AWS Stone Cutter. The guide rail carries the weight of the Edge crafter and provides stability, allowing for a high quality machined finish. Whether straight polishing a square or beveled edge, the quality of the finish far surpasses that which can be accomplished by any hand operation and is comparable to those achieved with expensive automated edge polishing machines. Related Links Alpha AWS-125 – Alpha AWS-110 – Alpha Universal Rail System – Alpha Cutting System Overview

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