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Cast Stone Towel Bar – Ivory

Cast Stone Towel Bar with cast stone Bar Color:  Ivory Approx Size: 2 pieces of – 2 7/8″  W x 4 3/4″ H x 3 1/4″ Deep Back Insert: 2″ x 3 1/2″ size: 24″ and can be cut to fit your need Installation and care instructions: This Towel Bar fixture is pre-sealed and comes with a mounting projection on the back. For cleaning, use only all purpose cleaners. ??? Allow a cutout area for the projection to fit into. ??? Apply a suitable adhesive (thinset) on the entire surface of the projection, and insert into cutout. ??? Secure the fixture to the wall with tape until permanently bonded. ??? Once stable, apply grout around the perimeter of the fixture for final installation

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