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Ceiling Mount Square Shower Arm by Serene Steam 6 inch

Ceiling Mount Square Shower Arm by Serene Steam 6 Inch In stock – Ship Same Day Available Polished Chrome or Brushed Satin 6 inch and 8 icnh Optional Ceiling Sqaure arm 6 inch or 8 inch with flange cover 5 7/8″ Features Extendable shower arm for ceiling application 1/2 In. NPT thread Fits virtually all showerheads Will not hold fingerprint marks as easily as the mirrored finishes. (for Brushed Satin) Stainless steel 304 1 year warranty for Residential/Commercial/Industrial/Business applications are warranted for 1 year from original purchase date Superior Quality Most Durable Finishes Available Easily Maintained. No Special Cleaning

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