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Compotite Elastiseal Polyurethane Adhesive and Sealant

Compotite Elastiseal Polyurethane Adhesive and Sealant Solvent Based Elastomeric Sealant For use with Composeal Membranes to seal drains, pipes, conduits, flashings, corners and more Caulking Cartridges 10.5 fl.oz (325 ml) – White Product Description Compotite Elastiseal is a new, tough, thermoplastic rubber adhesive/sealant which bonds to a variety of materials including glass, PVC, galvanized pipe, copper, steel, aluminum, rubber, concrete, ceramic tile and most primed and painted surfaces, in both interior and exterior applications. Elastiseals offers higher tensile strength, greater elongation, and greater adhesive strength than many of the moisture-cured urethane sealants now on the market. It also offers better package stability and cures without dependence on humidity. Available in standard 11 oz. 5. Installation A. Compotite Elastiseal can be used to bond Composeal membranes to drain flanges and metal flashings and to seal protrusions and penetrations which are made through Composeal membranes. B. Elastiseal is dispensed using a standard hand or air-powered caulking gun. C. Dispense in an even bead and be certain to attain full contact between the Composeal membrane and the object to be bonded to. D. Elastiseal skins over quickly once dispensed from tube, is set to touch in 10 minutes and cures through in 36 hours. E. Clean up tolls and residue with toluene or xylene. Carefully read and follow instructions on solvent packaging. TECHNICAL DATA Color: White Specific Gravity: 1.2 Solids: 68-71% Flash Point, Seta Flash CC ASTM D3278: 50?? F Sag Resistance .625??? bead: No sag Viscosity ASTM D2452: 15-25 seconds @60 PSI Dry Time (68?? F, 50% RH) ASTM D1640.125 thick: 10 minutes to touch, 36 hours to through dry The following tests were performed after drying 21 days at 68?? F, 50% RH: Hardness ASTM D2240: 70 Adhesion, Shear, ASTM D1002: 450 PSI Tensile Strength, ASTM D412: 1400 PSI Elongation, ASTM D412: 1000% Flammability, MVBS 302: Pass Low Temperature Flexibility, ASTM C711: No cracking or loss of adhesion Effects of Heat Aging, ASTM C792: No discoloration or loss of adhesion, Humidity Resistance, ASTM D2247: No corrosion under sealant or loss of adhesion. Salt Spray Resistance, ASTM B117: No corrosion under sealant or loss of adhesion. Made in the U.S.A Click here for more information

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