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Diamond Blade Porcellana 4

Porcellana Diamond Blade 4 3/8″ 4 3/8″ x 7/8″ x 20mm -7/8 (Arbor) Maximum RPM 5200 New Generation of Hybrid Wet Saw Blade for All Tiles Alpha?? Porcellana is our premium wet cutting blade designed for use by tile professionals. The diamond grits and matrix are specially formulated to cut dense porcelain tile and slab with minimal chipping at optimal speed. The Alpha?? Porcellana produces high quality cuts that will minimize waste and improve your bottom line. The blade never needs dressing, and that improves operator performance and efficiency. Tall Diamond Layer for Long Life Best for cutting: ??? Marble ??? Granite ??? Porcelain ??? Engineerd Stone ??? and other hard stone material can be used Dry or Wet  

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