Door and Cabinet Pull, Wraith Satin Silver, 1 Unit

Made from solid brass, our pulls are knurled in a diamond pattern with smooth edges. We finish all our machine pulls by hand to enhance the finish.

We have specifically designed our pulls to work in any space; cabinet doors, cupboards, kitchen units, sliding doors, swinging doors, bathroom vanity and just about anything that you can think of!

These will work on any small cabinet all the way to large solid core doors from 1/3?? to 1 ??? thickness. Includes 3 different screw lengths and a round washer finished in the same color as the pull. 


Measurements: 100MM X 38MM
Assembly: Pull is through bolted with the screws attached
Material: Solid Brass
Installation: Door Milling must be done exact to specification. Pull is through bolted with the screws attached
Tools required : Phillips head screwdriver.
Installation time: 5-10 Minutes
Warranty: 5 years
Screws Included: 25MM / 40MM / 50MM
Door or Cabinet Thickness: 1/3?? to 1 ???

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