Door Knob Maldives Passage, Backset 2 3/8”, 1 Unit

This crystal style knob is paired beautifully with our solid brass handle and round rose/backplate. This design will accentuate any home from modern to farmhouse and even to your cottage. The knob has smooth edges for an elegant feel and finished in satin silver finish. 

Rose/Plate measurement: 60MM

Door thickness: 1 3/8?? to 1 3/4?? 

Backset: Non adjustable. Must choose between 2 3/8?? or 2 3/4??

Tubular latch: Standard D- Strike and Square Faceplate

Door preparation: 2 1/8” standard bore hole with tubular latch with square faceplate

Screws: 2 Phillips head metal screws visible from the inside and non-visible from the outside

Installation time: 5-10 Minutes

Tools required : Phillips head screwdriver

Door Handing: Lever sets are not handed

Warranty: 10 years  

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