EasyHeat Detecto Electric Fault Indicator

EasyHeat Detecto Electric Fault Indicator

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The Detecto Electric Fault Indicator is designed to monitor EasyHeat Elite Mat, EasyHeat cable or mat systems at every step during installation, immediately sounding an alarm in the event of an open or shorted connection in the cable.

Simply connect to the cold lead We really do know how to make it EASY!

Advantages of the Detecto Electric Fault Indicator

  • Monitors every step of the Elite Mat, Warm Tiles?? Mat or Cable kit installation
  • Immediately sounds an alarm if there is damage to the heating cable
  • Protects your investment by ensuring a proper installation before you apply the final floor finish

Detecto is designed to monitor the cables or mat kits individually. By making a temporary ???series??? connection of multiple Warm Tiles Cable or Mat kits, Detecto can monitor up to three Floor Warming kits simultaneously.

EASY HEAT Warm Tiles Floor Warming systems are designed for interior use in residential and commercial buildings of standard North American construction. However, the floor warming cables used in the Warm Tiles Cable and Mat Floor Warming systems can still be damaged on the jobsite if adequate care is not taken. We recommend that you use Detecto Electric Fault Indicator to monitor your cable or mat systems during every installation step.

EasyHeat Detecto Electric Fault Indicator Installation Instruction

Easy Heat Elite Installation Instruction

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