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Ebbe Shower Drain Hair Trap

Ebbe Hair Trap For Shower Drain This 3″ Hair Trap For Shower Drain fits Ebbe square shower drains The second most common reason for taking a shower is to wash your hair. It’s only natural to expect that when washing your hair, some hair will shed, It can’t be stopped and the longer the hair the more often a shower drain gets clogged. When that shower drain gets clogged, it has always been time to send out a call for help, or get a screwdriver and do the dirty job yourself. Ebbe now makes that unpleasant task a breeze. The Ebbe Hair Trap For Shower Drain is a much welcomed new design that has these important features. Fits all Ebbe E4400 Risers Not visible from the top surface of the drain. Easily accessible from inside the shower Hair removes easily from the trap. No snags! Inexpensive enough to simply throw away each time Allows water to drain even when full of hair More Information on Ebbe Hair Trap  

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