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Eco Friendly Concrete Polishing Pad 7 Inch 4 Pack

Eco Friendly Concrete Diamond Polishing Pads 7 Inch – Set We offer eco-friendly alternatives to the products we use daily and help save our planet Set of 4 pads in  400 – 800 – 1500 and 3000 Grit Hand Machines – 7″ Other sizes and Grit available on special order requests. Environmentally Friendly The Smart Pads do not require the use of sealers and waxes. When your floor shows wear, Our Smart Pads can bring back the original gloss. With consistent use these Diamondhead USA Smart Pads effectively remove scratches and help bring back the original luster and gloss keeping floors looking like the first day you polished them. The Smart Pads make regular maintenance easier and more cost effective. When you use these pads you can feel better, not just because they make your floors shine again; because they are eco-friendly. The base pad is made up of recycled materials. The unique manufacturing process ensures long wear and high performance. Makes daily maintenance easier With consistent use, this product effectively removes scratches Helps bring back the original gloss and luster keeping the floors looking new Unique manufacturing process insures long wear and high performance No sealers or waxes required Eco Friendly-made from recycled materials Best used with a burnishing machine. Used for maintenance on Concrete and Terrazzo Available in 7”, 17, & 27”. Others sizes available on a special order basis. 400, 800, 1500 & 3000 grit available Easy to use on hand tools, floor scrubbers and burnishes. Do your share save our planet!

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