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Engineered Marble 9 inch Radius Corner Shelf – White

Engineered marble 9″ Radius Corner shelf – White In showers, near bathtubs, laundry rooms, and in kitchens you can add shelving to your tile backsplash installation. Our Engineered marble White 9″ Radius Corner shelf is perfect for displaying nick-knacks, spices, teapots, or other items in the kitchen, or for holding beauty products in the shower, The marble corner shelf will complement a wide range of natural stone slabs, tiles and other materials in our inventory. ??? Primary Color: White ??? Material Type: Engineered Marble ??? Size: 9″ Radius ??? Thickness: 3/4″ ??? Finish: Polished ??? Environmental: Greenguard Gold, USGBC/LEED Applications Residential Wall and Commercial Wall

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