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Extend-A-Drain kits Mark E industries 4 38 – GPEAD-438R

Extend-A-Drain kits Mark E industries 4 3/8 Size 4 3/8″ (also available 3-3/8 size) Each Extend-A-Drain kit includes a 1/4″ thick plastic drain height extension ring, three rubber washers and your choice of 2 pairs of screws to fit most drain types. Give your tiled floor a more finished look by raising low drain grates with our Extend-A-Drain kits. Additional kits can be combined for drain screens that need to be raised more than 1/2″. The extension ring has holes to allow use with drain grates having screw holes 4-3/8″ on center. The correct ring size corresponds to the distance between screw locations of the existing drain. To find the correct sized kit for you, measure the distance between these screw holes.

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