Hardwood and Laminate Floor Installation Kit

Hardwood and Laminate Installation Kit

Essential tools for installing wood and laminate flooring.

This floor installation kit contains the essential tools for installing wood and laminate flooring: a pull bar to pull floor boards tight, a tapping block to prevent edge marring and a PVC spacer set. The solid pull bar slips between the wall and board, allowing you to tap the board tongue into groove. Problem boards can then be nailed into place. The floor installation kit also offers an L tapping block to avoid edge marring.

Kit Include:

  • Pull bar for pulling floor boards tight
  • L tapping block to prevent edge marring
  • 20 piece PVC spacer set

Pull bar to drive planks tightly together at the tongue at groove joints
Rubber tapping block with female groove to male
Plastic tapered spacers to maintain proper size gap when adjacent wall in undercut

11-7/8″ pull bar for pulling floor boards tight
6-7/8″ W x 2-19.64″ L tapping block to prevent edge marring,
20 piece PVC spacer set

Pull bar – Carbon Steel – 11-7/8 L X 3-1/64??? W X 1-19/32??? H

Tapping Block – Black Rubber 6-7/8??? L X 2-19/64??? W X 13/16??? H

Spacer – PVC (20 included) 2-23/64??? L X 1-5/32??? W X 9/32??? H

Operating instructions

1.The three parts to this Floor Installation Kit are used to help install wood plank flooring and have it come out as straight and even as possible.

2. The metal Pry Bar (1), Tapping Block (2) and Spacers (3) are used to maintain even spacing from walls or other obstacles.

3. Snap a line on the sub-floor about 1/2??? from a wall and lay down your first row of wood planks, or strips. From here on these three tools will be a great assistance in your job.

Note:This 1/2??? gap allows for expansion.

4. As you lay subsequent strips, use the Pry Bar (1) to gently force the boards together and the Spacers (3) to maintain even spacing. Use a spacer (3) every 18???.

5. Use the Tapping Block (2) to gently interlock each new row of wood planking or strip of wood by sliding and tapping along the entire length of the new wood flooring.

6. Keeping all rows snug and spaced evenly will make the job look professional

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