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Metal Tile Rust The Rocks 2 x 2

Composite Metal tile – Rust Price per Piece The Rocks Insert Border tile Size – 2" x 2" Our metals are the jewelry of the room. Rope Listellos, Liners, Frames, Wall strip-all individually cast and finished. Our Sculptured Metal collection is made up of the building blocks of the world’s greatest cities and monuments – Oil Rub Bronze and Rust metal tile and trim . These illustrious alloys have glistened in many forms over the years. And are now cast elegantly for home decoration. Handsomely finished, Sculptured Metal adorns interior walls and vertical surface areas with ageless appeal. The rustic sophisticated lines of sculptured rust adapt to both contemporary and classic look, Bronze evokes a feeling of timelessness and splendor. Add further dimension and contrast by using metal liner as a distinctive border, or give dramatic flair to a slate pattern by integrating it into the design What is Composite Metal? Metal Flakes, Ceramic Flakes, Polymer, all poured into mould 20 – 30,minute later it is set up & popped out of the mold This is not a fired product, keep away apex 10” from fire place, oven, etc..

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