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MLT Leveling System Non-Reusable One Piece Strap 500

MLT Leveling System Ready Straps a non-reusable strap 500 straps One-time-use strap made from high quality nylon. Can be used with standard caps, like any other strap. Minimum grout join is 1,2 mm. The particular shape of the plate allows use with any kind of tiles (but calibrated). The strap will allow for a minimum of 1.2 mm grout joint MLT Systems introduces the single piece strap. With the single piece strap, there is no more pre-assembly necessary. The single piece strap is designed with the commercial contractor in mind. No more extra labor costs associated with base plate assembly and sorting the cleanup Features: Designed and engineered to be disengaged under tension to allow cleaning of grout joints and seams, or to re position the tiles/slabs just with a slight side pressure. Guarantees perfect alignment and plane during the curing of the setting material. No more Pre-assembly required Spacing of each re-usable connecting tab should not exceed 20??? to 24??? apart, during installation. Do not place them under a four-corner junction as lippage may result and also greatly increase the difficulty to produce a straight grout joint line. Upon completing the ???set??? of the tile or stone, lower the tension locking cap over the single use strap connecting tab to tile or stone surface then, slide cap in the direction of the grout joint to engage the lock. The MLT lippage control system has one of the lowest “ongoing” cost components as the strap and cap is re-usable over and over its amazing quality. The straps are made with stainless steel so the thinset just falls off when it’s dry. There is absolutely no waste material when used and when you clamp the two surfaces together, they meet smooth and perfectly flush each time. Protection Note: When using MLT System for installations of thin tile, unglazed, or highly polished materials, it is strongly recommended to use the fitted Rubber Pad accessory under the re-usable tension locking cap.  

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