Nu Look Concrete Cleaner, 8 oz
Nu Look Concrete Cleaner is an environmentally safe fluid cleaner that removes oil, grease, dirt, tire marks, and stains from concrete, masonry, brick, paver stones and tile. Ideal for restoring the “New Look” finish to industrial, commercial and residential cement surfaces as it creates a whitening effect on the surface.

Note: Nu Look should NOT be used on dark grey, red brick or any colored surface as it might lighten the color. For Exterior Use only.

TYPICAL USES: Sidewalks * Driveways * Pool Decks * Garage Floors * Balconies * Warehouse Floors * Commercial Buildings * Factory Concrete Floors * Streets

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: An effective stain remover, that is non-flammable, biodegradable, non toxic, non-carcinogenic and water soluble. It will not harm treated cement surfaces, plants or animals.

COLOR: Light Yellow

* Vapor Pressure: (mm Hg) Greater
* Solubility in Water: Completely
* Boiling Point: 100C/212F Using test tube method
* Freezing Point: 32F (Liquid only)
* Specific Gravity: (H20 1) 1.0 – 1.2 AT 24 C.
* Evaporation Rate: Water = Less than 1 – water
* pH: 1.0
* Weight: 10.00+/- .02
* % Solids: 2%=/- .02
* Viscosity: More than water

Method: Brush, Roll, or Spray
Theoretical Coverage: 300 square feet per gallon
Application Instructions: See Product Data Sheet (PDS)

Container Type: 1 Gallon * 5 Gallon Pail * 55 Gallon Drum
Shipping Weight: 9.4 lbs. * 46 lbs. * 496 lbs.
Average Shelf Life: 12 months minimum from date of manufacture when maintained in protected storage. Storage at 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit

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