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Preformed Ready to Tile Seat Pentagon 20

PreFormed??? Shower Seat – Pentagon 20 PreFormed??? Seat Pentagon 20″ x 20″ All seats are 20″ high Can be cut and modify easily to fit your need Use any thin-set setting material; there is no requirement to use an epoxy setting material. PreFormed Seats are sturdy and waterproof, made of high-density polystyrene, fiberglass mesh, and a latex polymer liquid waterproof coating. These seats install in a fraction of the time required for traditional products Lightweight and easy installation are just two of the advantages of installing PreFormed??? Shower Seats. Framing is not needed. Uses Interior and Exterior Use. Shower and Bathroom Surrounds Swimming Pools, Fountains, and Wet area. Industrial, Commercial, and Residential. No wood or cellulose fibers means that there is nothing to rot. PreFormed??? Shower Seats are made of high-density material, waterproof, and ready to tile. Easy to integrate into your custom tile application, beauty and durability are the best reasons for starting with a PreFormed??? Shower Seat. Their unique design allows you to tile with the same tile as the surrounding walls and or floors. PreFormed??? Seats are a one-piece construction, and waterproof. Guaranteed to never rot, degrade, or leak. Materials: Mortar mix for leveling pan area, 1/2″ x 1/2″ square notched trowel, latex modified thin-set and Polyurethane sealant. Approved waterproofing meets code ANSI A1 118.10 requirements. Prepatory Work 1 Shower should be waterproofed in accordance with Tile Council of North America (TCNA) guidelines and all other applicable local codes before installing seat. 2 Ensure that walls are square and plumb for proper fit of seat. 3 Area where seat is to be installed must be level/free of slope in order for seat to fit the walls. Use leveling mortar mix in area where seat is to be installed. Test fit seat to ensure proper fit against wall area. Adjust as necessary. Installation 1. Dry fit the seat to be sure it fits snug against the walls. The walls must be square and plumb. 2. Remove seat and completely waterproof the wall and floor behind the seat with a latex polymer liquid waterproof membrane. Allow the latex membrane to completely dry. 3. Apply a polymer modified portland cement medium bed thinset to the wall and floor behind with a 1/2??? x 1/2??? square notch or 19/32″ half-moon trowel. NOTE: on the wall, trowel the mortar horizontally, slide the bench in the mortar using the NTCA trowel and error method, and embed into the mortar on the floor, achieving complete coverage. 4. Once the thinset is set, tape all of the seams of the bench with fiberglass reinforced mesh and latex membrane. 5. Install tile. Easy, Waterproof, Worry Free. The difference is CLEAR. The “Anywhere” Solution Ready to Tile Seats Information  

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