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PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower Pan 32 x 60 Left

Preformed Ready to Tile Shower Pan- 32 x 60 Left 32″ x 60″ Rectangle PVC/ABS – Left side Drain A Shower In An Hour Our shower pans include the Ebbe drain with Ebbe Hair Trap Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations we offer the original preformed shower pans. The curbs are placed on the 2nd listed dimension above (to have the curb on other dimension please allow 5 days, no extra charge) Curb sizes: front high 5 3/8″ – inside curb high 2″ – top curb 3 3/8″ All drains are made of PVC or ABS Use any thin-set setting material for installation 10 year Warranty DESCRIPTION; The Fin Pan PreFormed Shower Pan is a Ready to Tile, waterproof shower pan that can be installed in minutes, which reduces the time and labor involved with the old mud bed methods. No need to build a frame just set it in place and you are ready for your tile installation. Includes Square shower drain – screw-less. Heavy duty Solid unit – not hollow parts It is lightweight and has a built-in drain connection, so it’s ultra-easy to handle and install. The material used to construct the Fin Pan PreFormed Shower Pan is 100% waterproof, and is rot resistant. This shower pan is available with any of our Ebbe Square Shower Drains with no extra charge, just specify which finish grade color you want FEATURES: – Waterproof and rot resistant – Light weight, easy to handle and install – Time and labor savings – Can be installed and tiled in the same day – Drain assembly and curb included – No special training necessary – Custom sizes can be ordered – Sloped per industry standards Materials: Latex modified thin-set, 1/2″ x 1/2″ square notched trowel for installing pan. PVC or ABS solvent for drain connection. Polyurethane sealant for sealing joint between pan and walls. PREPATORY WORK 1 Plug the inside of the drainpipe and fill the pan with water for 24 hours. Note: Shower pans are 100% waterproof from the factory. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure waterproof integrity is still intact after shipping. 2 Ensure that walls are square and plumb for proper fit of pan. 3 Sub floor under pan must be clean and level. Cut floor drainpipe 5/8″ above the sub floor. 4 Remove square strainer from the drain and test fit pan to make certain it fits over drainpipe properly and sits flush and level with floor. 5 Remove the pan. INSTALLATION 1 Apply a medium bed, latex modified thin-set to the floor area and the underside of pan. Use a 1/2″ x 1/2″ square notched trowel. 2 Apply a liberal coat of PVC or ABS cleaner and then solvent cement to the drainpipe and inside the drain where the connection will be made. Note: Solvent choice based on drain type. Follow manufacturer???s instructions. 3 Set pan into the wet thin-set and apply pressure to achieve complete coverage. 4 Apply 1/2″ backer board to the walls coming flush with the top of pan walls. 5 Seal joint between backer board and pan using WaterArmor Liquid Waterproofing and fiberglass mesh or Polyurethane sealant. 6 Screw square strainer down to correct height to match tile. Pack thin-set or pea gravel into area cut out for strainer adjustment. 7 Install tile according to Tile Council of North America (TCNA) guidelines. Made in the U.S.A for more info contact us at Preformed Shower Pan Information

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