Pro 2 Tester Kit , with Remotes, Adapter, and Batteries, 1 Unit

Kit includes: 1 Scout?? Pro 2 Tester, 1 self-storing remote, 5 LanMap?? RJ45 Location Remotes, 5 CoaxMap?? F-connector Location Remotes, 1 coax barrel F adapter, manual and 9V batteryIncludes voltage warning, shield detection, auto power off, low battery indicator and a self-storing remoteTests voice (RJ11/12), data (RJ45) and video (F-connector) coax connectionsUtilize the 5 LanMap?? and 5 CoaxMap?? Location Remotes to identify cable runsTest for open, short, miswire or split-pair faultsTrace cables, wire pairs and individual conductor wires with the Tone Generator (requires analog probe Cat. No. VDV500-060, sold separately)Compatible with Test-n-Map?? Remotes that test, map and ID multiple cable runs in a single stepHas auto shut-off to help increase the life of the 9 Volt battery (included)

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