Raimondi Replacement Trowel blade for Trowel Box – TRSETDD

Raimondi Replacement Trowel blade for Trowel Box (TRSETDD)

Replacment parts

Available replacmnet parts

  • TR14SQRSDD – Replacement blade 1/4″ square notch
  • TR38SQRSDD – Replacement blade 3/8″ square notch
  • TR38U34RSDD – Replacement blade 3/8″ x 3/4″ U notch
  • TR516SQRSDD – Replacement blade 5/16″ square notch
  • TR532SQRSDD – Replacement blade 5/32″ square notch for DD set
  • TREURORSDD – Replacement blade Euro notch for DD set
  • TRHDRSDD – Replacement handle for DD set
  • TRBOXRSDD – Replacement plastic box for DD set

BOX – The box fits 5 blades while the 6th one with its handle acts as the ???lid???.

LOCK – The handle slides on-and-off each blade which locking mechanism to be adjustd at any point on the trowel.

HANDLE – The box comes with a detachable and adjustable handle that fits on all 6 blades provided.

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