RootPanels? Rib, Height 45 Cm, Length 2.2 M, PR2-045-O, RootBarrier?, 1 Unit

The RootBarrier? RootPanels? Rib is a modular root guidance system and is made of 2 mm solid high density polyethylene (HDPE). These RootPanels? contain upstanding guidance ribs, which deflect the roots downwards and allow them to spread once below the panel. The RootPanels? Rib are built in vertically and, because they have guidance ribs every 18 cm, they can be placed linearly, square and around the tree. The system is easy and faster to install than other systems because of the lenght of each panel (220 cm).


The RootPanels? can be folded up to a 90 degree angle, have horizontal top edges that catch any stray root growing upwards and have built-in soil anchors, which prevent the tree roots from pushing up the screen. The RootPanels? can be screwed together by simply using a drill and screws.

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