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Sealers Pump Super Sprayer Heavu Duty 3 Gallon

Sealers Pump Super Sprayer 3 Gallon / 11 Liter (useable capacity) Enough Muscle for any Job! ALL VITON?? Seals and Gaskets The 2-gallon Pump Sprayer is a workhorse for busy professionals wanting to apply sealers efficiently and effectively on large jobs. With this in mind, we have utilized internal valves and gaskets made of Viton??? along with a chemical resistant hose, heavy duty brass extension and a blow molded tank to construct a sprayer that can hold up to the solvents used in may of our sealers. However, like other pieces of equipment, the sprayer has moving parts, valves, and washers that require regular maintenance to keep them in top condition. Monthly care and maintenance of the sprayer will keep it trouble-free. Please see our detailed instructions for more information. Sprays a wide range of chemicals Heavy Duty Tank Stable, 6-footed translucent tank with large funnel top Kem-Oil??? – 48??? braided power sprayer style hose Large, comfortable poly Thrustless??? control valve with in-line filter 18??? fiberglass/poly spray wand Two professional style nozzles – both flat fan and cone Locking pressure release valve HPP??? High Performance Pump with glove-sized comfort grip handle 1 Year warranty Applications: Cleaning Degreasing, Concrete Stains, Form Release Agent, Thin Sealer???s, Water base Sealer, Cleaning & Degreasing, and much more This Pump Sprayer offers maximum chemical resistance at an economical price while providing one of the most efficient methods of applying our sealers. This Pump Sprayer will enable you to apply our sealers to more than 2000 sq. ft. of surface per hour and that translates into more profit per job Click here for more Information  

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