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Serene Steam Shower Tropical Storm Polished Chrome

Serene Steam Tropical Storm model Complete Unit – Polished Chrome Newest 2017 model No Generators – No Electrical – No Reconstruction The world???s first all in one steam shower system that doesn???t require any electricity nor generator. Serene Steam has been rated to occupy up to approximately 420 cubic feet of steam.* TRANSFORMS YOUR SHOWER INTO A WORLD OF LUXURIOUS FEATURES WITH HEAT $ STEAM In stock ship same day Product Specifications Tile over model. (The main system sits behind your shower wall) Steam control dial Aromatherapy Feature Steam vent (our primary feature) 16 gauge 304 stainless steel Main steam system installed behind your shower wall, which is Not visible when in use. Apex coverage 420 cubic ft of steam coverage* Height: 9 inches Width: 5 inches Depth: Flush with wall Constructed from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel & available finishes are: Brushed Satin and Polished Mirror STEAM IS THE PRIMARY FUNCTION OF ALL MODELS. There is absolutely no electrical requirements at all and can easily be installed by a qualified plumber or contractor. Unlike most steam systems available, Serene Steam requires minimal installation. Constructed entirely from high grade stainless steel, the system incorporates a modern, and beautiful design that will enhance your showers appearance and provide a luxurious steam and sauna effect without the typical costs and construction requirements as with all known competitors. The results of Serene Steam are excellent, with environment temperatures reaching approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit at 100% humidity. Use Aromatherapy with your steam shower to further enhance the sensation & benefits One free bottle of our fusion Aromatherapy is provided free with any Serene Steam system purchased. On average, one bottle should last for 60 days The water consumption required per steam use has been measured at one half the amount of water required when taking a regular shower for the same period. California water consumption standard requirement is 2.5 gallons per minute. Serene Steam uses approximately 1.2 gallons per minute; * Serene Steam has been rated to occupy up to approximately 420 cubic feet of steam. Depending on the materials used inside your shower enclosure such as tile, or marble walls, performance and time required for ideal comfort may differ slightly. 4-5 minutes may also be required for optimal use MADE IN USA Patent Pending U.S.A. & INTERNATIONAL Serene Steam Showers FAQ Visit Serene Steam Shower Watch the video  

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