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Serene Steam Solar Flare Model

Serene Steam Shower SOLAR FLARE model Complete Unit NO Generators – NO Electrical Required! Install the world???s first Eco Friendly Steam Spa in your home shower enclosure. The Sensory Splash model is our latest, signature spa system, including our exclusive steam/hot vapor feature, Bluetooth audio and an Essential Oils mechanism. This model also includes a full shower feature described as a pressure balanced, hot and cold mixing valve with a two function diverter for switching between a shower head and a hand held shower for regular shower use, and incorporates a pressure balanced mixing valve system for optimum performance. Steam/hot vapor is our patented, signature feature. Available finishes are: Brushed Satin – Polished Mirror An impressive alternative to regular steam generators   With a Serene Steam system you can enjoy all the benefits of a personal spa in the comfort of your home. Rejuvenate your senses and relax with a hot and humid spa session. Most people would jump at an opportunity like this and Serene Steam has invented and designed innovative methods to create a complete wellness environment producing heat, steam/hot vapor infused with your choice of Essential Oils for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation as an elegant stand-alone unit installed in your shower enclosure . Serene Steam is bringing innovation to the wellness culture. The way we perceive and gauge relaxation is about to change with a Serene Steam spa system. Now you have the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself in your personal shower enclosure with a beautifully designed spa system which produces a hot and humid spa environment. Benefits – A hot steam spa, or steam shower environment has a physiological effect on the body which is very similar to that of a sauna. The hot vapors and heat may open up the pores, increases the metabolism, elevates the heart rate, and the body begins to sweat. This can result in health benefits, especially when a hot steamy environment is used safely and frequently (please read precautions). Some spas have also introduced the use of Aromatherapy in their systems to provide additional health benefits and relax clients. Enjoy a Serene Steam Spa system in your own shower enclosure. Clearer skin – May improve the clarity of their skin over time. Stress relief – One of the most powerful benefits may be the ability to reduce both physical and mental stress. Metabolism and weight loss – In some instances, a hot steamy environment can even assist with weight management due to heavier perspiration. WHY CONSIDER A SERENE STEAM SPA SYSTEM? The fundamental reason among others, is that Serene Steam does not require any generators, nor any electricity at all. Rather, It is an impressive alternative to bulky electrical generators and has been certified by IAPMO for easy installation by a qualified plumber or contractor. A Serene Steam Spa system brings a moist heat, Essential Oils infused steam/Spa experience into your existing shower enclosure and generally requires basic installation. Unlike competitors who require generators and an electrical supply to create a hot spa environment, (also known as a steam shower, wet sauna and alike), Serene Steam only requires the two primary connections which already exist in every bathroom – A water supply, and a drain, that’s it. There are also no extra “a la carte” expenses required (other than basic plumbing parts) after you have purchased a Serene Steam Spa system. Everything is ready out of the box and only requires basic off the shelf plumbing fittings to install. You may require an additional spa bench for your new spa (not included). All models are inclusive of our patented steam/hot vapor feature, a Bluetooth Audio system for music and phone calls, and a dedicated Aromatherapy feature for using Essential oils . When constructing a shower enclosure to use with any steam product, or alike, the type of wall materials which you use may also have an impact on the shower enclosure temperature and the time required to reach optimal comfort, please check with your local contractor. Remember, regardless of which steam system you use, all shower enclosures must be steam ready, and your local contractor or plumber should know how to seal your shower enclosure correctly to avoid the hot water vapors from exiting your shower enclosure during use. PREFERRED SHOWER SIZE: During use, Serene Steam provides an impressive amount of steam/hot vapor to occupy most standard shower enclosures, However, as with most steam shower enclosures, the smaller the area, the more effective the heat will feel. With Serene Steam there is no specific size shower required due to the way it functions, also bearing in mind that with a movable spa bench (not included) it is possible to position yourself within any desired location should you have an extra-large/nonstandard shower enclosure. The diagram below should be a good indication of the preferred size of your shower enclosure. Please note that not all shower enclosures will provide the exact same results. Certifications: cUPC – IAPMO certified, meets all local and federal ASTM standards ICG-54-2019 for shower panels and steam showers. Green Business Bureau Certified. Product Specifications Constructed from 16 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel. Aromatherapy Feature Main body panel Height: 27 inches Width: 6 inches Depth: 3.5 inches – Flush mount Total height and width of the installed unit is approximately: 27 x 6 inches (flush with wall). Patented and IAPMO certified. Disclaimer The content on this site is not a substitute for a qualified physician, pharmacist, or other healthcare professionals. All content regarding benefits of a hot spa, or steam environment on this site is opinion, and is based entirely on ubiquitous publications supporting the opinion. Content is also gathered from public, & known sources & is as accurate as the general information provided & is opinion only, and not claimed by Serene Steam in any way whatsoever. MADE IN USA Patent U.S.A. & INTERNATIONAL Serene Steam Showers FAQ Serene Steam Installation Instructions Serene Steam MSDS Visit Serene Steam Shower Serene Steam Disclaimer Watch the video

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