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SereneDrains Towel Warmer – Regency 963 x 765

SereneDrains Towel Warmer – Regency 963 x 765 – 37.9″ H x 30.11″ W Polished Stainless Steel The Regency Floor And Wall is the classic column radiator towel rail. Featuring a mild steel framework and integral white mild steel column radiator it looks stylish and elegant and provides high heat output. SereneDrains Towel Warmers and radiators are stylish and modern; our towel warmers and radiators are traditional, luxurious, and eye-catching. Want a trendy design, or a more flamboyant look? SereneDrains Towel Warmers and radiators has the perfect towel warmer or radiator to match your requirements exactly, right here in the USA and Canada. Towel warmers, heater towel rails, not only offer visual appeal but serve as a multi-functional accessory. Once marketed only to upscale spas and hotels, homeowners on any budget can now afford the luxury of owning a towel warmer. Specification Overall Dimensions: Width 37.9 inches (963mm) Height 30.11 inches (765mm) Depth range 9 inches (230mm) Power: 400 watts Voltage: 110 volts. Heat Output @ 122??F 653 Watts BTU 2228 Tube Size 1.25″ Material Mild Steel Manufactured from high quality mild steel A luxury option when specifying a bathroom or kitchen towel warmer. Air vent on the rear of the product along with 25mm horizontal tubes give this product certain features you wont find on inferior designs. Along with a ten year guarantee for total peace of mind. Feature Heats up fast. Manufactured from high quality mild steel Integrated on/off switch. Supplied with matching cover plate for standard junction box. Horizontal and vertical bars are all heated. 7 day/ 24 Hr Programmable timer available. (Sold separately) Lightweight Wall-mounted Certified by UL for the USA and Canada. Warranty 2 years on electrical, 5 years on finishes and any manufacturing defects. SereneDrains Regency 963 x 763 Towel Warmers Specification SereneDrains Towel Warmer Installation Instructions

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