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Shingles, BP Manoir , Silver Grey, Building Products of Canada, Square (Sq.), 1 Unit

The Manoir laminate shingle is equipped with two ultra-adhesive tapes of the patented Weather-TiteTM technology.To ensure optimum performance in the worst weather conditions, Manoir architectural shingles incorporate Weather-TiteTM technology.Resistant to the worst weather conditions, this innovative patented technology, exclusive to BP, offers superior protection plus an enhanced warranty against wind damage. Ensure your peace of mind with the ultimate Weather-TiteTM wind and rain protection.Manoir is a laminate asphalt shingle made from a fibreglass mat and surfaced with mineral granules. Manoir is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Its Standard wind Warranty covers up to 180 km/hr (110 mph) and its High Wind Warranty covers up to 220 km/hr (135 mph) as per special application instructions.With WEATHER-TITETM TechnologyThis breakthrough, hurricane-resistant protection features two sealant bands that lock out water and wind-driven rain to guarantee your peace of mind.

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