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Smith Paint Surface Guard Sealer

Smith’s Surface Guard Sealer Water-based guard Smith???s Surface Guard (High Gloss & Low Sheen) is a technologically advanced water-based guard for Smith???s Decorative Concrete Products installations including rockscapes, burnished installations and underwater applications. The hardness of the acrylic combined with the resilience of the polyurethane results in a surface protective film with exceptional abrasion/wear resistance. Gloss or Low Sheen Water submersible Ultra Violet Light Resistant Alkali Resistant Fast cure time Infinite inter-coat adhesion Non-yellowing Low VOC Interior and Exterior application May contribute to LEED credits EQ Credit 4.2 Low-Emitting Materials: Paints & Coatings CURE TIMES: (73??F, 50% RH) Dry Time 15-30 minutes* Recoat 15-30 minutes* Full Cure 24 hours COVERAGE PER GALLON: Spray Application 250-300 square feet Burnish Application 600-1000 square feet Note: Coverage depends on surface porosity and profile. Atomization will increase coverage. RECOMMENDED USE: Applied as a film forming guard for Smith???s Decorative Concrete Products installations. Surface Guard Application Instruction Surface Guard MSDS

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