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Square Shower Drain Satin Brass

Ebbe Square Shower Drain – Satin Brass Set Includes 1 Drain Grate 1 Hair Trap Square shape. It’s easier to cut tile to a square drain than to cut, nip and grind it to fit a round one. Use of Quick pitch with Ebbe square shower drain requires a Universal Center Ring Construction Designed to thread into the female threads of standard shower drain fittings Grate puller included for easy removal 3-3/4″ x 3-3/4″ square Heavy Solid metal drain grate Standard plumbing threads Minimal grout rim Ebbe drains are sized to match standard 1/2???, 1???, 2???, and 4??? tile without cutting No screws required to remove drain grate Grates are .15??? thick with a .08 wall thickness. Over 3 3/4??? Simple cuts are easily made, and waste little precious time. Ebbe drains are sized to match standard 1/2″, 1″, 2???, and 4″ tile without cutting. When cutting is needed, cuts are straight saw cuts. No grinding to match a radius. Consider how much easier glass mosaics will be to install. Important Allow new grout to cure 24 hours before removing construction plug. Heavy Drain Grate – Minimal Grout Rim – Designer finishes Replaces round drain heads for the following brands of 2″ ABS and PVC 3 piece Shower Drains: Oatey, Jones,Stevens, Sioux Chief, IPS Watertite, Pasco Specialties. Links about Ebbe drain Ebbe Shower Drain Frequently Asked Questions – Ebbe Square Drain with Quick Pitch Installation Instructions  

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