SunStat Slave Relay C3 Unit Control 500880-BB

SunStat Relay C3 Unit

Model 500880-BB 120/240V

It is possible to drive up to 10 15 amp SunStat Relays with one master SunStat thermostat

It???s possible to control over 1500 sq. ft. of electric floor warming using 120 VAC and over 3,000 sq. ft using 240 VAC floor warming mats or cables.


  • Dual Voltage 120 / 240 VAC
  • Manual Temperature Setback
  • Manual On/Off Switch
  • 15 amps, resistive Relay output
  • Class A ( 5 milliamp trip) GFCI.
  • Listed by ETL for USA and Canada

If a mat or cable system requires more than 15 amps, we recommend installing SunStat Relays.

Relays connect directly to SunStat thermostats for simple, elegant control of larger system.

Unlike the older version, the 500-680BB model doesn’tt require a special “master thermostat”.

The new Sunstatrelatys are dual voltage 120 VAC or 240 VAC, have a 15-amp capacity, and on/off switch and GFCI and test light.

Programmable SunStat Control Specifications

Click here for Owner???s Manual – Relays Control II 500810


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