SunTouch Radiant WarmWire Spool 60 sq 240v

SunTouch Electric Radiant WarmWire Spool 60 Sq. Ft.

*Coverage Area: 51 – 60 – 72 Sq. Ft.

Wire Length – 235 Linear Feet

Alternate pricing available – Contact us for pricing

Cares about the safety of your love one? CLICK HERE to See SunTouch EMF

Also Available in 120VAC

WarmWire Features:
??? Single point connection ??? High-performance ETFE insulation ??? Strengthened with armed reinforcing ??? Protected with stainless steel jacket ??? Sizes up to 240 sq. ft. ??? UL listed in Canada & USA ??? Ultra-low EMF ??? Grounded from end to end 244-8

SunTouch WarmWire Kits are used to make floor warm and provide years of lasting comfort. The floor warming system keeps the bathrooms, kitchens and entry ways dry and warm. The heated floor system is an affordable alternative to radiant heated mats. These are used for making small as well as large rooms up to 240 sq. ft. warm and cozy, with multiple cables wired in parallel.

  • 2.5″ o.c. delivers 15 Watts per sq. ft. – Concrete basement slabs, sunrooms, high heat loss areas, etc.
  • 3″ o.c. delivers 12 Watts per sq. ft. – Bathrooms, kitchens, dining/living areas, etc.
  • 3.5″ o.c. delivers 10 Watts per sq. ft. – Hallways, entries, low heat loss areas, etc.

*The 3″ spacing is most commonly used.

WarmWire can be used to warm areas as small as a powder room or as large as 240 sq. ft. Even larger areas can be warmed with multiple cables wired in parallel.

SunTouch WarmWire Installation Guidelines

Click here for How to Estimate and Order WarmWire


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