Warmup ETOG Outdoor Sensor – ODC-ETOG

Warmup ETOG Outdoor Sensor – ODC-ETOG

ETOG For use with the ET02 snow and ice melting controller

The ETOG sensor is designed for embedding in the surface of the outdoor area. The ETOG sensor measures ground temperature and moisture.

The ETOG sensor should be installed where the worst snow and ice problems normally occur.

The sensor should be embedded in a concrete base on a hard surface with the top of the sensor flush with the surface


Can the ETOG Sensor Lead be Extended?

Yes, you can extend the sensor lead up to 200 meters using same gauge cable.

The total resistance of the sensor cable must not exceed 10 ohms.

It must be embedded horizontally with the top flush with its surroundings using the installation plate. Additionally, be sure to mount the sensor must on a hard foundation of concrete or asphalt. Lastly, never install the sensor wire parallel to heater cables as electrical interference may distort the sensor signal.

How to work around a faulty ETOG sensor ?

To work around your faulty ETOG sensor follow the steps below:

Mount ETF-744/99 outdoor sensor on the wall facing north (if possible).
Connect sensors on a drawing below.
Reinstall unit (Password 1202).
Set sensor type to ???ETOR???.
Switch ON outdoor sensor.

How do you find out if your ETOG sensor is defective?

In order to determine if your sensor is defective, follow the below steps:

  1. Disconnect sensor heat (11/12).
  2. Wait a few hours to ensure that the sensor is same temperature as the ground.
  3. Measure ground/sensor temperature.
  4. Disconnect sensor from terminal (13/14) (sensor 2 17/18).
  5. Measure sensor resistance (should be 30K ohms at 5 degrees C/41 degrees F, 36276 ohms at 0 degrees C/ 32 degrees F) (purple/gray).
  6. If resistance is significantly lower, you sensor is defective. Please continue to work around.

Please refer to the installation manual for more information.

Warmup ETOG Manual Instruction

Warmup ETOG Wiring Instruction


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