Warmup In-line GFEP Protection – GF-1

Warmup In-line GFEP Protection – GF-1

In-line GFEP protection for one outdoor heating circuit up to 60A at 120/208/240V

Electric snow melting and outdoor pipe heating systems installed in the United States and Canada require ground fault protection for safe operation.

The ODC-GF-1/ODC-GF-2 Ground Fault Protection Units can be used to meet the NEC 426.28/427.22 and CEC Part I, Rule 62-300 requirements for ground fault protection for equipment. The ODC-GF-1 provides single circuit protection and the ODC-GF-2 provides dual circuit protection. The unit is housed in a rugged IP65 NEMA 4X rated enclosure suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation.

The GF unit should be installed between the overload-protected branch circuit and the snow melt/heat trace control and heating equipment. The GF unit only provides ground fault protection and must be used with Primary Overload protection. Do not exceed 63 amps.


  • Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • NEMA4X enclosure
  • Suitable with #14-#6 wire only

Capacity – 63A Carry/22mA Ground Fault Trip

Operating Temp – -40??C to +60??C

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