Warmup Plastic Fixing Strips for NADCM Cable System

Warmup PLG-DCM-12 Plastic Fixing Strips for NADCM Cable System

Plastic fixing strip for NADCM cable system. Strips are 12″ long with spacing available on 1″ increments. Approximately 3/16″ thick. Sold in box of 10 strips.

Size: 12″ x 10 units total 10 ft 

Warmup Strips is used to hold NADCM Cable in place at the desired spacing. Anchor the strap at 3 4-ft. intervals across the floor. Cut using ordinary tin snips.

Order 20-ft. per 35???45 sq. ft. of heated floor area.

Warmup How to Video’s

Warmup Specifications and installation

Warmup DCM-PRO Heating Cable Spec


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