Warmup Snow and Ice Melting Outdoor Control – WSM-252W

Warmup WIFI Snow Melting Controller – WSM-252W


WIFI Snow Melting Controller for up to 250A/240V projects. Operates with the Warmup APP or with optional external sensors

The new WSM-252W is the WiFi enabled version of the Warmup?? WSM-63 outdoor control panel. The addition of WiFi capability to this control panel has two major benefits: no outdoor sensors and remote access. Once installed, the WSM-252W mobile application can be used to control the panel manually or based off of local weather forecast. For automatic control, simply set the probability percentage you???d like for your system to activate or, enable push notifications so that the mobile application alerts you of the activation with an option to override.

The WSM-252W control panel has two 63A/4-pole contacts that are designed to handle a load of up to 252 amps at 2-phase. At 3-phase, the same control will handle a total capacity of 378 amps. Keeping in mind that 120 sf Warmup snow melting draws 25 amps, this controller could handle up to 1,200 sqft.


  • WiFi capability for remote access
  • NO sensor required
  • Automatically works off of local weather forcast
  • Heat up to 1,200 sqft at 240V
  • Two 63 amp 4-pole contacts designed to handle 252 amps


Anywhere there is a need for outdoor heat the WSM-252W is suitable for use. By adding WiFi capability to this outdoor control, Warmup has eliminated the only maintenance required for an electric system: the sensor. Eliminating the sensor not only saves on installation time and maintenance but it is also practical because of the damaging effect ice, snow, and salt have on outdoor sensors.


  • Enclosure – NEMA 1 (for indoor mounting)
  • Relay – 2 x 63A/4-pole relay contactor 100-600V relay voltage
  • Sensor – 120V coil for optional sensor connections
  • Amps capacity – Total capacity of 252 Amps at 240V/2-phase Total Capacity of 378 Amps at 277V/3-phase
  • Approval – UL-approved components – WiFi Relay is ROHS/CE compliant

Operate – WSM/WSMM snow melting installations outdoors


When installed according to the installation manual, the WSM-252W is covered with Warmup???s 1-year manufacturer warranty.


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