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AHI HardWare

Door hardware is often an afterthought. However, it really adds that special finishing touch to any project, so you need to get it right. If you're looking for that special something to elevate every door, look no further than AHI Hardware's beautiful, sleek door hardware.


Alpha Hardware & Building Supply

Quality supplies and materials are hard to come by if you don't know where to look. Luckily, we've got you covered. AMAST has partnered with Alpha Hardware & Building Supply to bring you the highest quality merchandise at a competitive price.

Basanite Industries

Basanite Industries' advanced composite technology is disrupting the construction industry. BasaFlex™ is a light, sustainable, strong, and rust-proof alternative to traditional steel reinforcement made from volcanic rock, while BasaMix™ consists of fine denier basalt multifilament fibers and improves surface performance, appearance, and durability.

Builders Architectural Millwork

At AMAST, we know that looks matter—and to get the best-looking building, you need the highest-quality materials. That's why Builders Architectural Millwork, a New Jersey-based company, is one of our suppliers.

Celtic Building Supplies

With over 20 years of experience delivering building materials, Celtic Building Supplies has plenty to offer contractors, architects, engineers, and homebuilders. You can find high-quality tools and hardware at Celtic Building Supplies. Whether you're after the latest cordless tools, levels, clamps, or tool storage, Celtic Building Supplies has you covered.


Concord Lumber Corporation

Concord Lumber Corporation has provided quality building materials and hardware for over 75 years. Between their lumberyards, building materials and hardware stores, millwork division (Concord Millwork & Design Center), kitchen and bath design center (Concord Kitchen & Design Center), and paint and decorating centers, Concord Lumber Corporation has almost everything you might need for a residential building project.



For over sixty years, DB&S Lumber & Home Improvement Centers has provided buyers with high-quality products. Though DB&S started as a hardware and remodeling supplies business, the company has grown over the decades. Today, it's one of the largest lumber and home improvement companies in the Boston area.

Depot E-Shop LLC

Furniture can make a big difference. Having stylish and functional furniture can take any space to the next level, while having unappealing pieces can hold a space back from its full potential.

Diamond King Tools

There's a reason Diamond King Tools is America's premiere diamond blade company. For one, it builds its products to last. In fact, Diamond King Tools has the longest-lasting diamond blades in the industry.



Known for its economical and eco-friendly products, Eco-Wares has been providing environmentally-safe cleaners, sealers, and coaters since 2001. In addition to wood, masonry, concrete, and color sealers, Eco-Wares offers brick, algae, rust, and concrete cleaners. You can also buy colored shingle roof coating and Envirosafe Exterior Wall Coating from Eco-Wares.

envirospec logo


Envirospec is the go-to company for commercial pressure washing equipment and supplies—and they've been pleasing customers for nearly 50 years. Envirospec is HUBZone certified and up-to-date on the industry's latest trends and best practices.

Fiber Gutter

Gutters are an often overlooked part of a building, but the truth is that you can't choose any old gutter and hope for the best. If you want beautiful gutters that will last a lifetime, look no further than FiberGutter. logo

Frank Plumbing Supply

Since 1930, Frank Plumbing Supply has met customers' plumbing needs—and they're ready to meet your needs, too! Frank Plumbing Supply is home to more than 20,000 items at affordable prices, and they're willing and ready to get any supplies they don't already have within a few days.



There's a reason Goodrich Lumber Company has been around since 1906. They offer quality products that are strong and ready to endure even coastal New England's climate.

Green Art Plumbing Supply

The kitchen and bath are essential parts of every building and have a massive influence on how people feel about their homes. Supplies from Green Art Plumbing Supply will transform any kitchen or bath into a beautiful, functional space.

Gutster Tools

Demolition is just one part of a job, but it's a tricky and time-consuming process. Luckily, Gutster created quality demo bars. With a Gutster demo bar, you can get results with less effort.

hatcreekoutfit logo

Hat Creek Outfit Inc.

Hat Creek Outfit, Inc. is your go-to company for wholesale plumbing and heating repair and replacement products. Since 2001, this woman-owned, family-run business has distributed quality products to countless customers—and you can now find their products through AMAST.


Healthcare Supplyline Inc.

Safety and cleanliness are more important than ever. While some companies make a fortune from taking advantage of others and overcharging for disinfectants, protective equipment, and other cleaning tools, Healthcare Supplyline is different.

hebel logo

Hebel Building Solutions

Hebel Building Solutions offers a light, sustainable, high-quality building material that's useful in every phase of construction projects, from construction through maintenance.

Home Renovation Product Direct

Cabinet & Floor DIRECT knows that a room's cabinets and flooring can make or break the space. That's why they only sell beautiful, high-quality materials.

Ideal Glass Hardware Inc

Ideal Glass Hardware (IDEAL) is known for its wide range of high-quality products. The company's frameless shower hardware is ready to elevate any shower, while its commercial glass sliding kits make adding sliding glass doors simple.

International Flooring Center, Inc.

International Flooring Center, Inc. sells top-tier flooring, flooring supplies, and bathroom furniture. Whether you're after shower heads, setting materials, or towel warmers, you can find it at International Flooring Center, Inc.

Jan Electronic Supplies, Inc.

For over 35 years, Jan Electronic Supplies, Inc. has been putting customers first. In most cases, Jan Electronic Supplies, Inc. ships to customers the same day they receive the order, and their experts are always ready to answer any questions.

JC+Ryan+Logo logo


JC Ryan EBCO/H&G, LLC provides top-tier architectural doors, frames, and finish hardware. You can find hollow metal doors and frames, finish hardware, Marvin windows and doors, as well as architectural wood doors and frames at JC Ryan EBCO/H&G, LLC.

JRM Supplies

When it comes to supplies, you can't beat JRM Supplies. Not only do they have all the plumbing items you may need, from tank levers to anti-siphon fill valve repair kits, but they also have plenty of gas products, such as pressure regulators, hoses, and brass hose ferrules.

kingrootbarrier_white logo

KING Rootbarrier

KING Rootbarrier knows that good landscaping makes a significant difference in the appearance and longevity of a project. That's why they develop, produce, and distribute solutions that fight weeds and prevent root pressure damage.

LiveWall, LLC

Living walls are all the rage these days. Not only do they look great, but they're also good for the environment. It's a win-win! If you don't feel like building a living wall from scratch, you can turn to LiveWall, LLC's living wall systems.


Magnolia Cabinets

There are plenty of cabinet suppliers out there, but Magnolia Cabinets goes above and beyond. They have a wide variety of cabinets, accessories, and hardware available and have been working with developers, owners, property managers, and general contractors for over a decade. logo

Manhattan Electrical Supply

Manhattan Electrical Supply is your go-to source for electric supplies. Whether you need fittings, nipples, circuit breakers, boxes, conduits, or fittings, you can find them at Manhattan Electrical Supply.


Mass Tank

There's a reason Mass Tank is one of the largest tank manufacturers and has been in the business for over a century. Not only do their tanks have superior craftsmanship, but they also offer top-tier customer service and competitive pricing.

Mega Supply Pro

Mega Supply Pro is your one-stop shop for commercial lighting, windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, wholesale appliances, flooring, surfaces, cabinets, and finishes.

Metropolitan Pipe & Supply Co.

For over seven decades, Metropolitan Pipe & Supply Company has delivered quality service and products to customers in the New England area and beyond.


Morrison Building trade Supply

If you're looking for quality construction tools and supplies, look no further than Morrison Building Trade Supply. Since 1998, Morrison Building Trade Supply has been delivering customers reliable tools at affordable prices.



Omni Steel Supply is a world-class steel and aluminum company that gets customers what they need. Not only does Omni Steel Supply have high-quality steel and aluminum products, but custom services and individualized attention are the norm.

Orange Aluminum

Orange Aluminum is a one-stop shop when it comes to aluminum extrusions. They sell round tubes, channels, angles, hex tubes, pulls, handles, T bars, Z bars, and more—and if you can't find what you need, Orange Aluminum can make custom aluminum extrusions, shapes, lengths, sections, and machining.

Rmac Supplies

Rmac Supplies, a leading supplier of floor equipment, safety supplies, facility supplies, and janitorial supplies, is one of AMAST's valued suppliers.


Safety is essential, especially in the construction industry—and Safety NJ, LLC is ready to meet your needs. They stock Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), first aid kits, hi-vis shirts, hi-vis jackets, ear protectors, and more.


Slick Rock Concrete

Crafted proudly in Texas, Slick Rock Concrete's products are strong, beautiful, and built to last. Slick Rock Concrete's concrete planters, fire bowls, water features, trash receptacles, benches, and bollards can improve any space.

SoTex Tools LLC

So Tex Tools LLC is known for their heavy equipment repair services, but they also have an array of Gates hose couplers and fittings. So Tex Tools LLC even has made-to-order hoses! logo

SunRise Solar Attic Fans

SunRise Solar's American-made solar attic fans are perfect for any roof. Not only are they noncorrosive, but they're also resistant to heat and flames.

Suburban Supplies

Suburban Supplies is ready to take your project's windows to the next level. Their windows and window systems offer plenty of natural light and ventilation.


The Roofing Outlet

The Roofing Outlet sells a wide selection of roofing materials. From asphalt shingles to felts to rolled roofing, the Roofing Outlet has it all.

Total Plumbing

Located on Utica Ave in Brooklyn, Total Plumbing sells quality electronic boiler controls. Its electronic boiler controls are ready for anything you throw at them.


TRC Industries Plumbing Supply is your one-stop shop for all your plumbing needs. From booster pumps to grease interceptors to ordinary valves, TRC Industries Plumbing Supply has anything you might need for your plumbing project.

Waltham Lumber

Waltham Lumber carries the highest quality building materials. They have gypsum wallboard from well-known manufacturers like National, USG, Lafarge, and Georgia Pacific, as well as quality lumber and plywood.

Williamsburg Plumbing & Supreme Kitchen & Bath

If you need materials for your kitchen or bath projects, look no further than Williamsburg Plumbing & Supreme Kitchen & Bath. Since 1998, they have provided customers with the best kitchen and bath products on the market.

West Coast Ladders

West Coast Ladders is a distributor of premium ladders and scaffolding. Not only are their ladders and scaffolding durable and ready for any job, but they'll also arrive quickly, thanks to West Coast Ladders' fast shipping.

Park Kitchen & Stone LLC

Since its founding in 1992, CNC Cabinetry has offered America's best value in cabinetry. The Richmond, with its accent molding and mitered flat panel door, is perfect for transitional-style kitchens, while the Park Ave cabinet door offers sophistication and elegance.

Colonial Hardware

There's a reason Colonial Hardware has been around for over 90 years. The family-owned business puts customers first, features a range of products at affordable prices, and is staffed by a team of true professionals.


WITC INC is known for its high-quality LED mirrors and medicine cabinets. Uniting design and function, WITC INC's products can add a touch of elegance and plenty of light to any space. logo

John To Go Inc

John To Go knows that when you have to go, you have to go. That's why they rent quality porta potties and restroom trailers to countless construction firms. Their porta potties are clean, reliable, and stocked to capacity, and John To Go offers top-tier customer service.

Longleaf logo

Longleaf Lumber

Longleaf Lumber, New England's finest antique and reclaimed lumber company, is known for its reclaimed wood flooring, which ranges from clean to rustic. So whether you're after a formal look or something that's full of character, you can find it at Longleaf Lumber.

Frank P McCartin Co Inc.

When it comes to your electrical and plumbing needs, look no further than Frank P McCartin Co., Inc. Located in Lowell, Massachusetts, Frank P McCartin Co., Inc has provided contractors with electrical and plumbing supplies since 1927.

Len-Co Lumber

Are you looking for primer, insulation, concrete mix, ceiling tiles, or caulk? LENCO Supplies is your go-to supplier! LENCO also stocks a wide variety of lumber and boards, from cedar to pine to mahogany, and even sells W-style trusses.

ICD Coatings

ICD High Performance Coatings + Chemistries manufactures durable, innovative, and water-based coatings, resins, and chemicals. Not only are ICD's products incredibly eco-friendly, but they're also ready for any project!


Safer Escape

Fire escape ladders are often overlooked, but they're an essential element of any home. So, the Safer Escape Ladder by Modum is here to help. While a traditional fire escape is unsightly and often rusts, the Safer Escape Ladder is practically invisible and is weatherproof.

alcana.sureste logo

Alcana Sureste. S.l.

Alcaná Southeast is synonymous with quality marble. For over 20 years, the company has been providing beautiful marble to customers worldwide.

Carter Milchman and Frank (CMF)

There's a reason Carter, Milchman, and Frank (CFM) has been in business since 1924. Not only are they one of the largest construction tools and supplies providers in the Tri-State Area, but they also offer high-quality customer service. CFM has eight trucks delivering suppliers throughout the five boroughs, Long Island, and the Tri-State Area daily.

Ultimate Floors

Ultimate Floors is the industry leader in rigid core and laminate flooring solutions. Whether you have a commercial or residential client, flooring from Ultimate Floors will enhance your project. It's waterproof, environmentally friendly, scratchproof, and environmentally friendly.

lucida.surfaces logo

Lucida Surfaces

Lucida Surfaces' products make spaces feel comfortable and personal. Not only are Lucida Surfaces' flooring products beautiful, but they're also durable and affordable. They use the latest technology, such as EnCore™ Technology, CorePrit™ Technology, and CoreSet™ to create durable and sustainable products.

Pavimarmi Srl

Since 1989, Pavimarmi in Trani has provided slabs and blocks of marble, travertine, stone, and onyx to customers around the world, from the U.S. to China. Their materials are of the highest quality and are handled by true professionals.

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